Fantasy Romance Standalone's

Broken Tether
A Tethered Souls Prequel
​Coming October 2017

Their Own Time
A trio of time travel novelette's

Tethered Souls

Garrett and Carissa
When Carissa takes her daughter Gabby and escapes from her abusive boyfriend, she never expects to be thrown back to Medieval Ireland.  

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 Aengus had been waiting for her return ever since the night nearly two hundred years ago when he had been forced to watch her die  
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You fell in love with their reunion in Tethered Souls… But -

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A Tethered Duet
Love through the centuries...

Can true love span centuries?
Two hundred years ago, a jealous sorcerer robbed Aine and Aengus of their future when he destroyed the tether binding them together--Forever. But-


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