Their Own Time
A Trio of Time Travel Novelette's

Garrett and Carissa
When Carissa takes her daughter Gabby and escapes from her abusive boyfriend, she never expects to be thrown back to Medieval Ireland.  When she is found by Garrett McKinley, she is determined to survive on her own and yet something about the mysterious laird draws her in.
Wade and Chloe
After a terrible event left her pregnant and alone, Chloe is determined to never trust a man again.  When her son inherits the land from his biological father, Chloe pours her energy into ensuring her son turns out nothing like the man who sired him.  But when a stranger shows up on the steps of her castle insisting she is in danger and begging her to trust him, she is tempted to let him in.
Leon and Ashleigh
Dr. Ashleigh Hutchinson was determined to rely on no one to help her raise her daughter after her jerk of a boyfriend ran out on them.  But when a women shows up on her doorstep begging for her help, Ashleigh finds herself in the center of a castle in the company of a dying man and her best friend who had been missing for nearly six months.  

Reader Reviews

"Yet another awesome read by Jessica McCrory. I was never a fan of fantasy romance until I had the chance to read Tethered Souls. I loved it and A Time of Their Own does not disappoint as well. McCrory has a way of grabbing the reader from the first few pages and taking you on this awesome, well written, romance that spans from current time to the 1200's. She is an author in my opinion that deserves more credit for her work. I cannot wait to see what she brings to the book word after this."
-Laura H.

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